Research Groups Task #2

It was hard for all of us to meet during this time since I inconveniently had the audacity to take off to Austin City Limits – can you believe me? – but we ended up have a very fruitful facebook conversation instead. It was recommended that I look into happiness in other countries – general levels of happiness, what was different about their happiness, etc. This was a great idea since the concept of my research project originated from my happiness findings in Sri Lanka. It was also suggested that I look into worker happiness at places like Google, plus a few other interesting leads. All of this was taken into consideration but what I’ve really decided to run with now is happiness on an international level! Happiness is very similar amongst humans at large although it still differs strongly from person to person. What I mean by that is: we all experience happiness differently, but usually the same types of things cause happiness for everyone (flow, social support, meeting basic needs, etc). I’m excited to incorporate this new angle into my paper.

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