Research group

Due to that fact that we had 4 people in our group, it was hard to set up a time so we could all meet. We ended up just having a conversation over Facebook message. Kelly and I had an exchange that I though was particularly helpful for both of us. She is currently doing a project on happiness and contentedness in the workplace and how that could lead to higher productivity and how workplaces may achieve this. I follow Arianna Huffington on twitter and I remembered she had recently come out with a book called Thrive, which examines the benefits of taking time to unwind and de-stress and how that leads to a better and healthier working life. I suggested Kelly look into her and her book. I also suggested looking into google and yahoo and their policies in employee well being as well as comparing US work habits to those in foreign countries and seeing the differences in styles and employee well-being. I sent Kelly my introductory paragraph and she had several helpful comments on making my introduction more specific so I could “hook” an audience more effectively. She also wanted more specific examples of my argument so it could be seen in a clear simple way.

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