Alex’s Research Notes

As we go into October, my research is slowly but surely progressing. The design has come along immensely since my last post. What started as just a few sketches and thoughts have all started to come together, becoming a true 21st Century design. After doing preliminary sketches, my biggest challenge so far has been maximizing space. For a master bath, it is not as big as a traditional American Bathroom. In trying to keep it feeling open and comfortable, placing fixtures has proved to be a bit complicated. In addition, insuring the design will meet Universal Design Standards has not been easy. I want any future users to be able to age gracefully and easily in their home, and that includes their bathroom. A curbless roman shower and other accessible features will provide the ease and peace of mind for the user to keep their independence as they age.

Most of my selections have already been picked out; Thos Somerville providing information on the plumbing fixtures, and Mosaic Tile the backsplash and floor tiles. These are some of the more important elements of the design as they provide the backbone of keeping the space environmentally friendly and efficient. All of the fixtures are low-flow, meaning they use less water than a typical bathroom fixture and recycle water product to product. This eliminates the need and use of potable water in a fixture that doesn’t require it. The tile is important in keeping the moisture content of the bathroom down. Using tile instead of paint will be more eco-friendly and health conscious, as they paint will not peel and degrade when wet. Tile is also a very popular aesthetic found in American bathrooms today. Both of these elements will make my design marketable and pleasing to a broad target client base.

After our peer discussion, I felt more secure in the direction my project is headed. My group felt my design encompassed all of the efficiency from the homes we saw and used in Morocco. The most thought provoking element of the discussion came from the question about the bidet. I do plan on having a bidet involved in the design, but am currently contemplating how to get the most health consciousness out of it. It will be interesting to see how I can best incorporate the “squat toilet” into my design. Otherwise I feel really good about where I am at in my research, and excited to see how it progresses in the next month.

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