Malec- Research Task 2

Since my meeting with Kristine and Kaitlyn, I now have a few specific issues that I want to include and focus on in my research.  One current, on-going issue that I definitely think needs to be included in my research is ISIS on the Syrian-Turkish border and how this effects the Kurdish population in Turkey.  This issue is definitely going to play a role in my assessment of the situation in Turkey. Recently there have been deadly protests across Turkey due to the Turkish government’s lack of military action against ISIS.  This is a huge factor that could possibly contribute to further political violence and social unrest. Kaitlyn suggested that I should choose specific conditions in Turkey to focus on and find hard evidence.  I think this case of ISIS and the Kurdish population is a perfect example to focus on for a good portion of my research paper.

I also expressed my concern about being blinded by western media and western opinions that are projected onto the situation in Turkey. I want to avoid making assumptions and want to get first hand, local opinions as much as possible so that I can properly assess the situation from the point of view of the people in Turkey. In order to do this I now need to look at Turkish media as much as possible to see how they are framing the situation and current issues in Turkey.

Lastly, one of the biggest goals of my research is to create my own Richardson-style flow diagram from Paradise Poisoned.  I am going to include various conditions (socioeconomic, political, ethnic, international pressures, etc. ) as counteracting and reinforcing loops that I view as the most important factors affecting the situation and future of the country.  These conditions might reflect an unsatisfied population and indicate policy failures which could lead to political conflict and violence.  On the other hand, I might find that no such thing will occur and that the AKP will continue to rule Turkey without opposition. Currently, I have a shell for my argument that based on [insert conditions] I assess that there is the likely possibility for [insert forecast] in Turkey for [insert timeframe]. Now, I need to fill in those blanks.

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