Eli – Research Task 2

I would say that the group meeting between me, Micheal and Alex today went pretty well. We all made some good points about each other projects and asked each other some questions to help reassure that we know where we stand with our research. As far as my project is going, I am still waiting to hear back from the founder of PUSH skateboarders to get a hold of some important governmental documents that they had to sign in order to receive clearance to build their skate park, which I would guess has just broken ground. I also hope that they will be able to send me some plans for their park. Now, I am realizing that this updated research project has to be a separate entity from our fall papers as a much as I wish I could have traveled Sri Lanka, filming a skate video with PUSH, I didn’t, so now I will have to turn my focus elsewhere. I would like to focus on the globalization of skateboarding, and its roots in “developing” countries. Micheal and Alex pointed out today that a physical poster board would be a good way to present my project because it is a change up from the standard paper and woulds till do the job. I think that with the information that I have though, something along the lines of a prezi would be more effective. I want to focus on the role that skate parks are playing in communities worldwide, and how those skate parks came to be. Were they built by donors? Were they state funded with tax money? What had to be done politically and socially to have parks built, especially the park in Colombo. I would also like to focus on the giving back aspect of skateboarding, including board donations, and entire park donations. Micheal and Alex helped me realize that I can convey this information in a more interesting way than through a research paper. Though if it comes down to it, a paper I will write.

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