Hubbard- Research Task 1

For my project on merging Moroccan Home Efficiency with American Comfortability, I feel a lot more focused and centered on the design that I hope to accomplish. After going abroad, and seeing first hand the design aesthetics and functions of the kitchen, bathrooms, and house as a whole, I have decided to design a bathroom complete with the energy and environmental efficiency seen there.  In terms of function, the bathrooms we saw abroad all had products exhibiting low flow technology, and reusing gray water into different systems. They had an open floor plan concept that allowed for maximum space use and efficiency of the tile surround throughout to control moisture and air control. Healthwise, having a bidet you squat over is a lot easier and health conscious on the body than a normal toilet you sit on. It is said to be more sanitary to clean and wash oneself with the warm water than with toilet paper. In addition, minimizing the use of toilet paper is more environmentally friendly. Aesthetically, the use of geometric patterns, bright primary colors, and tile is very prominent in the home. Natural lighting is preferred to keep the space bright and fresh.  When it comes to the design, there are multiple things I need to keep in mind. I need to insure that this is a universal design for all users, and is easily accessible, adaptable, and usable with no problems. Like seen in the farmhouse in Azrou, Morocco, the shower will be open with no surround, so a wheelchair will be able to get in and out. Likewise, a bench seat will be added as that not only appeals to the American market, but the universal concept. There are many different anthropometric measurements I will be considering to make this a product useable by the greatest majority of people.  Another challenging part of my project is merging and keeping the efficiency of abroad, but keeping it usable and marketable for an American client. This should not be too hard in terms of function, but aesthetically it could be. I want to keep the tile to control moisture, and keep with the industry trend heading in tile, but not the bright and many geometric pattern. Keeping the bright primary colors, I can make the space light and inviting, but having a more simple tile background could appeal to more clients. In my selections I will have to keep this is mind.  I want this bathroom to speak to all 21st Centuries users as the next generation of bathroom, merging what we know with new technologies and practices to form a better future. Learning from other cultures new ways to keep green, energy conscious, and healthy is only going to help make the housing industry sustainable moving forward. Combining and merging the function and aesthetics of Morocco will keep this design the new face of sustainability and efficiency in the 21st century.

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