Developments in Sustainable Housing

Developments in sustainability have been on the rise as many countries favor the idea of protecting and maintaining the environment. Sustainability is described as, “not being harmful to the environment or depleting natural resources, and thereby supporting long-term ecological balance.” 1 More specifically, sustainable housing is the idea of building homes that are environmentally stable so that next generations do not have to compensate for the previous generation but can instead focus on their own environmental needs. This could mean being efficient in energy, water, and land consumption, securing health-related topics, and decreasing various pollutions in the environment. 2

Sustainable housing projects all over the United States and world are being implemented with hopes of creating a more eco-friendly environment. An example of one of these projects is being conducted by a man who is wanting to build a community with 225 homes that meet standards of expanding open areas and protecting natural surroundings. 3 The developer, Eric Olsen, said, “I think it will fulfill the long-term dream of creating a sustainable, interesting, liveable community.” 3

Sustainability development projects have become a more popular trend within architects and builders of homes as well as other infrastructures in the United States. Some of the top three most sustainable architecture projects in the United States, according to Karissa Rosenfield, are Arizona State University Student Health Services, the Bud Clark Commons in Portland, and the Bushwick Inlet Park in New York. 2 These structures, along with seven others, will be rewarded the for their “sustainable design excellence.”

These projects have also been growing in others countries like, “Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Canada, England, Germany, and South Africa.” 5 Sheri Koones, author of the book titled Prefabulous World: Energy-Efficient and Sustainable Homes Around the Globe, believes that any home can be made out of modern, eco-friendly materials. Her book mentions homes from all over the world that share the goal of creating an efficient infrastructure despite their various methods of making them.

The idea of sustainability in our culture is a way to appreciate the green methods of building and constructing homes. This idea is growing rapidly especially in areas that realize the potential danger of their environment due to current methods of construction. Sustainability in homes is efficient, more manageable and will provide a balance that the future world will thank us for.

-Stefanie Froelich



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