Nomad Page

Wouldn’t exactly be right for us to have a Home Page, right? Because we’re nomadic in two senses:

  • in the literal sense, we travel as a program in the summer to three case histories of cultures at work rearticulating themselves within the changing world of the 21st Century… in 2012, for example, the cohort traveled to Morocco, Turkey, and Sri Lanka, reading these cultures through touring, lectures, experiential learning, reading, watching, listening;
  • intellectually speaking, we are transdisciplinary… interdisciplinary means housing all those silos at once, a forest of trees; transdisciplinary means cutting across those silos, melting their walls, letting them flow together, using all their resources at once.

So the formal language for us is something like this: The Center for 21st Century Studies is a transdisciplinary program housed in Virginia Tech’s College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences. Dedicated to the undergraduate teaching mission of the university, the Center consists of a network of affiliated faculty and fellows who support, participate, and help guide the Center’s activities both on campus and abroad.

The Center’s principal mission is to support a Minor in 21st Century Studies (C21S) with these key features:

  • our calendar year program begins in the Spring Semester with an introductory course, continues with its nomadic studies abroad during Summer 1, and culminates in the Fall Semester with a capstone seminar;
  • the program features an international focus, a transdisciplinary method, close study of case histories, service learning, and research;
  • students’  work culminates in a major project that may range from a classic research paper to creative works in any medium, worked on throughout the program year and culminating in the fall in forms that are shared with the university community through conferences, performances, and presentations;
  • the program significantly subsidizes the travel costs associated with the program thanks to the generous support of our donors, with additional scholarships available through CLAHS and Virginia Tech’s Education Abroad office.

Read more about the program, including how to be part of it, by following the links to other pages and articles.

Nomadic Studies @ Virginia Tech