My “Wreck This Journal” Potential Adventure

Okay, so my wonderful, lovely, intelligent, funny, beautiful, thoughtful roommate bought me a Wreck This Journal for my birthday last week.  When I first looked through it, I was skeptical.  As an English major, hurting books in any way, shape, or form is actually also painful to me, so intentionally destroying a journal was inconceivable.  What a horrible idea.

And then I tried it.

And it’s incredible.  Seriously, it’s the most liberating destruction I’ve ever taken part in, and I plan on messing up the whole thing.  I feel like I should document this, so I’m going to.  And all you lovely people get to suffer with me!  It’ll be fun, I promise.

Note: This is MY Wreck This Journal, but somebody else’s I found on the internet. I’ll try to take pictures of the awful, destructive things I do to my own.

I haven’t done much in the journal yet.  I have: traced my toes, ripped a page out and crumpled it up, ripped another page to shreds, and traced all of the things in all of my pockets.  Considering how many pages there are, that isn’t a very big dent.

I’m going to keep at it though, and I’ll document how cathartic it is.




P.S.–I’m in a James Bond film series this semester for my colloquium magnum, so you’ll hear about that too, intermittently.

About Chelsea Stone

Hi everyone! My name is Chelsea, and I'm a senior in the HRC. I'm an English major from Wytheville, VA, with a dual concentration in Creative Writing and Pre-Education.
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