New Machinery and Tools arriving

We have new equipment of all kinds arriving all the time now. The new Grizzly machines (jointer, spindle sander, bandsaw, and planner) are setup, the Festool portable power tools are ready to go, the epoxy mixing and vacuum bagging products are ready to go, the list could go on and on. Renovation work is just beginning on the building to include new power for the big machines. I’ve been in and out the past three weeks first at conference at the Haystack School in Maine and then a couple of days for a family vacation. With just a few weeks until the start of the semester and with the summer Principles course I’m teaching there is less and less time to spend on the lab setup and a greater imperative to concentrate on several writing projects.

We’re looking forward to a great Fall semester with at least a partial lab running and my hope is that the new equipment and machinery will be a draw for our students to come in and help with some of the setup and initial problem solving of getting the big machines running. The current tentative thinking is to have everything running and able to demonstrate by December and as long as our contractors get power installed and our vendors complete their deliveries of new equipment and supplies, I believe that is a comfortable date. IMG_0503