What have I learned from Blogging?

Prior to the beginning of this semester, I had never written or posted a blog.  In the absence of course requirements to do so, I doubt that I would have started blogging on my own – in fact, I can say with absolute certainty that I would not have.  Here are my observations on my own blogging experience:

  • Blogging takes me a long time – I don’t think I ever spent less than 2-3 hours on a blog; 
  • I’m not sure I ever got into the swing of what blogging should be – I’m fairly certain that my posts were pretty low on the technical creativity side;
  • I tried to find topics that were interesting and useful to me – they weren’t always exploding with innovation, but I went with what I felt I could respond to;
  • I think I gained something from the experience – if nothing else, I did something that I probably wouldn’t have tried otherwise, and I did think about my writing;
  • I probably won’t continue blogging in the immediate future unless it’s directly related to something that I need to do – I basically need to focus on my dissertation research and other work at this point.

So, I’m not an immediate convert.  That said, I probably will blog again in the future when it contributes to my work and priorities.  The past few months have gotten me over the initial fear of blogging, and I can also see how it can be very useful.  In closing, this is the last blog I will be posting for a while, but it certainly won’t be the last one I ever post.  Who knows, I may end up blogging again sooner than I think.

5 thoughts on “What have I learned from Blogging?

  1. Hey Leslie! It was really cool to read about your experience with blogging and I appreciate your openness and honesty. Looking through your posts it seems that you have it down and I would encourage you to continue with it…even through your dissertation preparation. It may be a useful tool for you (and all of us while writing) to reflect upon. Good luck!

    • Thanks, Shaun! I know that I should continue – and that it would likely add to my dissertation prep and any potential publications. I think I just need to get inspired by something and then, who knows? I may become a regular blogger 😉

  2. HEY!!

    You just read my mind and write it Down!!!
    This is kind of unique to see, I guess we have the same way to look at this world, or at least we are walking the same path here at Tech.
    Although, Certainly this blogging experience is helping me open my mind to new ways to show myself and to tell what I want to tell.
    I have to say I enjoyed reading this blog. At the end of this semester I will try to finish my blogging experience with some type of blog like this. Thanks for the Idea.

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