Trampoline Group Project- Music

Music and Media

  • Freedom of music

o   Dawn was happy when her parents left so she could go to concerts (pg. 139)

o   Dawn talks about Willet for the first time (pg. 3)

  •  “Willet Bilson sounded about my age. He sounded like someone I would like to talk to” (Gipe 3).

o   Why was music such a release for Dawn? How did her relationship with Willet Bilson affect her interaction with music?

  • Generational

o   Dawn’s Grandpa likes an older kind of music (pg. 142)

  • Types of music

o   Hippie music or punk

o   Hippie music: John Lennon, the Beatles, Elton John, Bob Dylan, Neil Young

  • How music affects culture

o   How does music affect Dawn?

Key Theme: Dichotomy between commercial and local music

Local music has a larger focus on connecting people through experience. Dance halls and folk instruments create an extremely kinetic environment that serves to establish social ties between individuals. It’s tied into religious gatherings as well as secular meetings. It is very much ingrained into the social fabric of the Appalachian region.

Commercial music is not necessarily tied to social gatherings. Therefore, it often seeks to create feelings of nostalgia for folk music or completely deviate from local mountain music.

Discussion Questions:

  1. How does music become an influential part of Dawn’s life?
  2. What effect does music have on the Appalachian culture?
  3. How did Dawn use music as an escape from the negative parts of her life?
  4. What was the effect of local music in the novel? Do you see the effects of local music in Blacksburg or your hometown?
  5. Why did Dawn enjoy punk music?

Our presentation is about how music is important in Trampoline and how it effects Dawn.  Music had a big influence on her by being her escape.  She listened to Willett Bilson’s radio station whenever she got a chance, and got lost in the music.  I think music was one of the things that kept Dawn grounded.

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