Diversity Statement

Statement 1 Research and Scholarship

My research is in the low temperature storage of ovaries to help preserve the cumulus oocyte complex from degradation. To check on the viability, the cumulus oocyte complex will undergo assisted reproductive technologies. This technology is the In Vitro procedures that are similarly used for women today. Many of the assisted reproductive technologies research has been posted in open access journals and to health organizations like NIH and Mayo Clinic. In Vitro procedures help women of different races, ages, health status, faiths, and sexual orientations be able to have a child when other means are not available. Since reproduction is important among livestock and humans, it is a world-wide effort. Scientists will rely on each other’s research to develop new techniques or to fine tune existing techniques.

Statement 2 Mentorship and Advising

One of the biggest cattle producing nations is Brazil. They continue to work with the United States in the research of cattle nutrition, reproduction, and genetics. Cattle research used to be predominately male but as I look at my fellow graduate students, I see majority females. It is important to continue a trend that is inclusive of all people. As a mentor, I would try to follow the same philosophies that I had in the military. In the military, I would take time out of work to sit down and discuss goals and futures with anyone struggling. I did not turn anyone away based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or anything that was different from me but instead, embraced their differences to help them succeed. If they had questions that I was unable to answer, I would find out and return to help them. It was important that I tried to exude a friendly non-judgmental aura to be able to help anyone who asked. I didn’t focus on marginalized groups but tried to be open to all. When people are comfortable with discussing things with a mentor, it provides a healthy environment of mutual respect that will encourage retention.

Statement 3 Teaching

When I teach in class, it is on a 1 on 1 bases for cattle palpation. I try to encourage the students that it is ok to feel emotional, tired, and helpless because they are normal feelings that come from repeated attempts without success, but it will get better. That every attempt and failure are still a little closer to achievement. I tell them about my tips and tricks as well as my short comings, so they don’t feel alone. I feel if I can show them how easily I succeed now and tell them how much I struggled in the past they will have something to aspire to. The most important thing I give is encouragement and comfort that they are doing well and will succeed. The way I find which student to help is by looking for the ones with the most confusion on their face or take count who has been working alone with a cow for a while. I might miss some of the students who are good at hiding their confusion, but I will eventually help them if I notice them taking a too much time with a cow. When a group of students decides to break from palpating and gets together and starts to talk about their future, I encourage them to follow their dreams but also talk about how my goals consistently changed and how important it is to keep their options open and to go with what will make them happy.

Statement 4 Service

While I served in the military, I did community service, like the honor flight, that had benefited older veterans. The military is a melting pot of people from all over the country with many differences. We would all come together as a collective to show those that came before that they were not forgotten. The happiness on the faces of those that society had no longer recognized had made the hours donated worth it. I understand the impact it can cause when you recognize a marginalized group.


Since I have both privileges and oppression from my life because of my background, I find it to be my duty to help those around me. I will give advice to those have been through situations like mine and how to succeed in the long term. With my privileges, I can educate those around me about spreading DEI.