About Me

Hello reader and welcome to my page. I am a Non-thesis Master’s Student with a unique background. As a child, I was always interested in working with animals and loved biology. Since my interests were so skewed in one direction, obviously young me decided I needed to do the opposite. The US Navy called to me so I signed a six year contract. While serving I mainly worked on electronics and briefly did work in culinary and security. None of those career paths had called to me, unsurprisingly, because I always wanted to work with biology. As my naval career was coming to a close I decided to through all my training to the wind and start over in college. Thankfully the Navy has taught me to go with the flow with life. I had left my established home in Virginia Beach and decided my chances of success would be greater at Virginia Tech. I changed my emphasis from small animal veterinarian to livestock veterinarian because I fell in love with cattle. After figuring out that organic chemistry was the bane of my existence and finding love for reproduction I changed my focus again. After a life changing event, I decided that I wanted to go into human fertility to help those who dreamed of having children a reality.

This year is focused on In Vitro Procedures. Proficiency and competency are my main goals where I mature an oocyte, fertilize, and denude the zygote. I am also a graduate teaching assistant for palpation. This has afforded me the opportunity to teach students in an open environment and provide support. It is building a new teaching fundamental for me that was the opposite of the military. Once I graduate in the spring, I plan to have a job in a human fertility clinic. All teaching and leadership opportunities will be nice if once again my life changes and I decide to go back to university.