Technology and Innovation in Higher Learning

Technology has become the bane of existence for some while a savior to others in the higher education field. With the onset of Covid-19, schools were able to utilize the internet as a substitute for classroom learning. This has come with major drawbacks, since the learning management systems now require professors to develop curriculum online and change from their face to face pedagogical skill set. They need to develop skills as ,curriculum designer’, ‘instructional designer’ and ‘technical designer’ for the online work base which may not be easy to do.

With students now returning to the classroom, professors can return to their old pedagogy with consideration of social distancing. This slow return to normal brings with it issues that existed with technology from before the start of the pandemic. Will technology be another educational tool or will it become a hindrance inside the classroom. With the allowance of tablets and laptops students can take notes online and write directly on the slides and visually learning students can have graphs and pictures in their notes.The drawbacks to the allowance of technology is the propensity for distraction. Many professors still will not allow for technology because the distraction of social media and the internet is too high.