Most Oppressed Group Blog 3

For years, the Rohingya people have been facing human rights atrocities by the Myanmar government. The government refuses to recognize them as citizens and refers to them intruders to their country. They have no right to education, ownership, property rights, or land as well as being exposed to human rights injustices like rape and murder. In 2017, the Rohingya were forced out of the country in mass fleeing from genocide. According to soldiers given interviews by the New York Time, the Myanmar Army was given orders to shoot all Rohingya on sight. There are still Rohingya people remaining in Myanmar in forced enslavement camps or missing. Those that were lucky to escape to Bangladesh, according to the UN, are facing homelessness which leaves them very vulnerable to the weather like flooding and cyclones. The Rohingya have faced government sanctioned racism and now are doing their best to rebuild after heavy losses.