Open Access

I decided to choose Reproduction and Fertility by bioscientifica and the Society of Reproduction and Fertility. The editors for the journal are professors at the University of Edinburgh, UK. The goal is to promote research into reproduction and then to disseminate the information among the public. Reproduction can consist of assisted reproduction, fertility preservation, environmental effects on reproductive potential and health, reproductive medicine, reproductive immunology, reproductive toxicology, chronic reproductive conditions, and veterinary reproductive medicine. It allows the researcher to choose between giving a free non-proofed manuscript with a green program or a gold program where the researcher maintains copyright of their research but they have to pay up to $3000 per post. Reproduction and Fertility prides itself on its peer review and accuracy. When I was thinking over open access, I see a high possibility on corruption. I went to look for examples of this and I found a list of predatory journals. Reproduction and Fertility, thankfully, is not on the list. That doesn’t totally mean that it is safe, but upon further research, I believe it is a reliable journal.

Mansoureh sadat Jalali

Hi Brooke,

Interestingly, there are both publication options, but I am not sure what a non-proof manuscript means and why a person should not choose it? Also, thanks for sharing the predatory list. It will be helpful!


Joshua Pulliam

The list is a great resource that I wasn’t aware of. Thanks for that! The journal itself seems to do commendable work, however, I too am not quite clear on what a non-proof manuscript is. A definition of terminology is the only addition I really think the post needs.