Ethics in Research

I am submitting my post on Logan Fulford. He worked at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and had falsified immunochemistry and western blot data. He reused and mislabeled images to represent the different proteins. What drew me to the case was that he was working in a children’s hospital and I immediately got defensive as to why someone working with children would misrepresent data. Upon further analysis, I realized the research was on the forkhead box F1 role in prostate cancer. Prostate cancer is known as the old age disease and one of the youngest cases was a 28 year old man according to NCBI. Even though he worked at a children’s hospital, this is a disease that will show up later in the males life. The point of the experiment was that forkhead box F1 would no be present in normal prostate epithelium. If it were true early identification would be made easier. Fulford was found to be fraudulent and has to have two years of probation. The interesting thing is that he was found guilty but if I go to Science Signaling journal it says that the verdict is still pending. The judgement was handed out one and a half years ago but they still never updated the article for false information with it. The article should have in big red letter retracted going across the pages. I assumed journals were better than that when potentially giving out false information.