The Unique Connection

Recently scrolling through my Facebook feed, I came across this video. The tag line was “these kids had to find their moms without seeing them.” What really caught my attention was the fact that I thought it was simply some type of social experiment. I wasn’t even aware until the end that it was in fact a Pandora advertisement. At the very end of the video, words appeared on the screen, reading “All women are unique. Celebrate the one in your heart,” with the Pandora website at the bottom. Once I began to connect the dots, I realized they had been priming me from the start. As the children approached the line of women and felt their hands, their stomachs, their faces, they also zoomed in on the jewelry each woman was wearing. Likely Pandora jewelry of course! The fact that I wasn’t even aware it was a brand until the end will also, interestingly enough, probably make my brand recall stronger. Some important aspects of effective brand linkage are presenting brands cues early and often. Although the actual brand name is not shown until later, the jewelry close-ups are displaying the actual product. I think this is often more powerful as people generally connect more with the items they want rather than a brand name. This advertisement also effectively integrates the brand name into a convincing storyline. The Pandora company offers lots of unique jewelry designs and therefore they are able to cater to a variety of unique women. The story shows children finding their mom, something we can all relate to. The tag line “all women are unique” is emphasized by the fact that these children are still able to pick out their unique mom from a line of women even while blindfolded. This allows the audience to really connect with the brand because it stirs us some type of emotion. It also subtly displays the strong connection children often have with their moms. The audience will likely also think, well I’m unique and I want jewelry that will show that, so I guess I should check out Pandora. This commercial also makes me think of the three qualities that make up great advertising; relevance, originality, and impact. The tag line and product offered relate extremely well, the ad is original as I don’t recall ever seeing anything like it, and it has an impact simply because of the way the video played out. The background music as well as the smiles on the faces of both children and mothers created a really pleasing and memorable scene. All in all I really liked this ad. It was extremely well-executed and who doesn’t love some adorable kids to get involved.


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