Youth, Creativity, & Copyright in the Digital Age

As discussed in my last few posts, I am just finishing up my final project for my Writing & Digital Media class about creativity and copyright. One of the main sources that influenced my composition was Youth, Creativity, and Copyright in the Digital Age. Originally I was planning on creating a piece simply discussing litigation about expressive materials, but after discovering this article I was also intrigued by the relationship between these materials and the people using them in the digital age. The article not only touches on the basics of copyright law, but also discusses why it functions the way it does. Furthermore, it also touches on why youth are often unaware of the litigation surrounding the use of these expressive materials.

I spent a significant amount of time for this project on research, because I was one of the many youth unfamiliar with copyright law. The article discusses a study conducted by Harvard about the relationship between youth and copyright law. The study found that most youth that use expressive materials illegally are not aware they are doing so. After researching more about how youth are using creative resources in the digital age, I concluded that two things needs to occur to change the way youth use these materials: education and reformation.

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