Learning Styles

For my Writing & Digital final project I thought it was important to challenge how we expect to see information presented. Usually we are presented with either a text-based article, a podcast, a video, or another form of communication, but rarely do we get to chose how we want to experience the information. I transformed my scholarly webtext into three experiences: Read, Watch, and Listen. By giving my audience the option to chose the experience they want to have, they are more likely to absorb the information.

My goal was to communicate as effectively as possible to my audience, so I thought it was important to consider the many different learning styles my audience may have. The Read section offers users a “verbal” experience. Verbal learners prefer the use of words in reading and writing. Listen is catered to “aural” learners who understand information best when it is presented as sound and/or music. Watch is particularly attractive to “visual” learners, who prefer using pictures and images to evaluate information. However, Watch also includes text and audio, so it also appeals to verbal and aural learners as well. By providing different experiences to users, they can chose which one best suites their learning style and environment.

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