Copyright Reformation

Although I believe education is the most immediate, tangible solution to the many problems caused by the illegal use of copyrighted material, reformation of current litigation needs to take place. Laws that surround the use of expressive materials are extremely outdated because they were established during the era of the printing press, and need to be changed to reflect how they are being used today. The development and availability of technology has led to the increased use and sharing of copyrighted materials, but the law has not kept up with these rapid changes.

I think the best solution to reform copyright law is providing creators with a “some rights reserved” option, rather than the “all rights reserved” protection that is currently the default. Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization that provides an alternate licensing system that works within the U.S. copyright system. Creative Commons provides authors with a some rights reserved option, allowing authors to chose the permissions they want for their work. Creative Commons builds upon current laws, but in order for this to be even more successful the actual laws need to change to reflect the progression that this company has established. If copyright law gave the option for authors to chose specific ways  for how they wanted their work to be protected, I believe collaboration between creators and consumers would be encouraged.

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