Copyright Education

In order for our approach to the use of expressive materials to change, education needs to make place. A study conducted by Harvard in Youth, Creativity, and Copyright in the Digital Age found that most youth that are using copyrighted materials illegally are not aware they are doing so. In order for this to change, education about copyright law needs to take place in the classroom. I know from my personal experience I never learned about copyright law in the classroom. Rather, I was always told that whenever I am using materials that are not my own I need to cite them. Rather than looking further into what particular resources need to be cited, and when and how I could use them, I accepted this and continued this practice throughout my education.

I am now a Junior in college and am just now questioning the way I approach expressive materials that are not my own. If my curriculum would have included information about copyright law, I would have a very different approach to the use of these materials. Education about current copyright laws and regulations is the quickest, most tangible solution to the array of problems caused by the illegal use of copyrighted material.

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