Creativity & Copyright Final Thoughts

I am finally in the last stages of revising my Writing & Digital Media project about Creativity & Copyright! I decided to utilize three different forms of communication: reading, watching, and listening to provide my audience with multiple ways to experience my project. By providing multiple ways to experience this information, my audience is more likely to absorb the content by choosing the communication that best suites their learning style and environment they are in. For the “Read” portion, I included text about creativity and copyright, and featured the titles (including the same typeface and color palette) I used in the “Watch” video to connect the two together. In the “Listen” portion, I used the same audio from the video in “Watch” to connect the two. I tried to create continuity between all three forms of communication so that users received the same information in each portion. I am hoping that my project encourages my audience to change how they look at and use expressive materials. Through education and reformation, I truly believe we can change the use of creative materials to encourage cultural collaboration. Like I said, I am in the last stages of revision but visit Creativity & Copyright if you want to take a sneak peak!

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