Scholarly Webtext

For Writing & Digital Media final project, I am required to created a “scholarly webtext” that displays my knowledge and skill of communicating professionally on the web. I am allowed to chose my topic for this assignment, so I have been researching potential subjects that I may explore. The primary topic I am considering researching right now is the legality of unpaid internships. Unpaid internships are becoming more prevalent in the United States, but many people are becoming more aware of the legality of this free work. Many studies have shown that the number of illegal unpaid internships is rising.

I will begin this assignment by researching current federal and state labor laws. After gathering the facts, I will look into the definition of an intern and an employee and investigate the enforcement of labor laws. I think it is important for me to become an expert (as much as I can within the timeline of the assignment, of course) on this topic before I transform the information into a visual. I will be summarizing a lot of the information, so the more knowledgeable I am about the topic the more capable I will be of providing the most important and relevant information to my audience. I am hoping that I will be able to share my knowledge after I complete this assignment so that more students are aware of the potential legal issues of unpaid internships.

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