Scholarly Webtext Part II

As I discussed in my last post, for my Writing & Digital Media final project I am required to create a “scholarly webtext.” I have decided that I am going to create this webtext based on the legality of unpaid internships. In my last Writing & Digital Mediaproject, Piktochart: A Quick Fix, I examined the potential of an automated infographic generator. In my analysis I found that infographics have potential to effectively communicate complex data and lengthy information. There are many laws and statistics about the legality of unpaid internships, and I think that transforming this complex and wordy information into a visual graphic will make the information easier to assess and understand. I also think that by creating a visual for this information I will better reach the audience that I would like to reach the most: college students. I would also like to target employers, but my primary goal is to educate people who are pursuing these unpaid internships.

I am planning on including several infographics and publishing them on a website. I may create one infographic for those pursuing internships (the intern), and another for those looking for interns (the employer). I would also like to include an infographic that guides my audience through the steps of determining if an internship is legal. However, depending on where my research leads me, I may create a single lengthy infographic. I am going to publish and present my infographics on a website so that my findings are accessible to the greatest amount of people.

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