Interrogating Interfaces

In my Writing and Digital Media class we are discussing interfaces. We are learning how to explore different interfaces and analyze the features and usability of similar software and applications. We began by interrogating Twitter’s website, Twitter for mobile, and TweetCaster, a Twitter app. I compared and contrasted the abilities and constraints of each app, paying particular attention to usability.

I found that the Twitter website was the easiest for me to use. However, I am the most familiar with Twitter mobile and find it the most convenient because, when I want to tweet, my phone is usually more accessible than my computer. I think that TweetCaster was the most difficult for me to use because I was the least familiar with it. Also, I do not see a need for Tweetcaster because all of my “tweeting needs” are already fulfilled by Twitter.

In class, we discussed why many people do not branch off and use other Twitter apps, such as TweetCaster, and instead chose to trust Twitter to have all the features that he or she may need. One student in my class explained his theory that he trusts Twitter because the company has established credibility and earned his trust through his Twitter experience. He uses Twitter every day and rarely has problems with it, so why turn anywhere else? Also, many people begin their Twitter experience with Twitter’s website or Twitter’s mobile application and fall in love with it, and therefore do not see a need to branch out and explore other Twitter-related software.

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