In my last post, Interactive Communication, I talked about the potential advantages and disadvantages that tapestry lends to an essay. I spent this past weekend drafting my tap essay and was pleasantly surprised by how my writing process altered to fit this new digital format.

I noticed that, as I was drafting, I was thinking of my writing as more conversational than most essays that I have previously written. This was unintentional, but I think it helped my writing fit into the tapestry format. I began drafting my essay in Microsoft Word. I wrote a paragraph, and then stopped. This format was not helping me communicate with my audience. I deleted my paragraph and began trying to write my essay in bullets… it worked great! The tone that I was trying to establish in my writing was captured through this bullet format.

The bullets helped me organize what text I want on each slide, where there are going to be images, and where I want there to be pauses when the user has to tap to reveal the next word, sentence or image. Another advantage this drafting method has is its hierarchy. As I was writing, I was able to see the information that would be in the previous slides. If I had continued writing in the paragraph format it would have been much more difficult to figure out what I wrote for previous slides.

Overall, I am enjoying this new format. I think that tapestry also has many disadvantages but since I am in the beginning stages of drafting I have not encountered many yet.

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