Interactive Communication

This past week I finally turned in my Video Narrative for my Writing and Digital Media class. I have been working on this project for about a month so I was ready to turn it in and move on to the next assignment. Our next project is a tap essay. I have never heard of tap essays before so I had fun researching and exploring this form of communication that was new to me. After researching I found out that, not only are tap essays new to me, but the concept was actually invented recently (in 2012). I am excited to take on this new form of communication and explore the advantages and disadvantages that it lends in the writing process and how it affects readers.

I think that one of the many advantages a tap essay has over the more common form of an essay (I’ll call this the Microsoft Word essay) is its interactivity. Interactive communication is essential in captivating an audience. It gives users the opportunity to have a conversation with users instead of talking at them. I think that creating a successful tap essay is going to be more difficult than writing a Microsoft Word essay because it further emphasizes the importance of the audience. If there is not significant thought put into who is reading the tap essay and how it is going to be presented, the advantage the tap essay provides of captivating an audience is lost.

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