Pictures of Writing

Last week, in my Writing and Digital Media class, we were asked to photograph images of anything that influenced our writing process. One thing that immediately came to my mind was tea. At first, I was thinking of tea as a source of caffeine to keep me awake at night to finesse a paper I am writing, and to wake me up in the morning so I can go turn in that paper. Or, at times, to keep me going throughout the night so I don’t fall asleep on my computer while writing. However, after thinking about the influence tea has on my writing process, I realized it has a much deeper significance.

I grew up drinking tea. As a little girl, while my mom would sit at the kitchen table drinking her morning cup of tea while doing her Daily Devotion for Bible Study, I would find a seat next to her, take my tea set and play along. As I grew up, tea continued to play a role in my life but its role was ever changing. The only consistent role tea has played throughout my life is comfort. Now, when I have to stay awake to finish any type of assignment, holding the cup of tea in my hand soothes me and gives me the confidence boost I need to continue throughout the night and into the morning. Often, it reminds me of the many words of encouragement I know my mom would give me if she were sitting next to me on my bed while I am struggling to stay awake.

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