Computer Technologies

As the first few weeks of Fall semester have flown by, I am continuing to think about Shipka’s discussion on “composition” and how it relates to me as a student. In “Toward a Composition Made Whole” Shipka discusses rethinking composition and rethinking processes. I believe that the definition of composition and how compositions are created is a lot more broad than most think. Digital technologies have had a strong effect on pushing the boundaries of what defines a composition. As these technologies develop, the meaning and role of the composition expands as well.

In chapter 1 Shipka states that “Given the degree to which computer technologies have impacted and will likely continue to impact how, when, why, and with whom we communicate, it may well be the case that composing situations will continue to become ‘far more diverse than we have been led to believe by the preponderance of studies in out field’ (Syverson 1999,187).” I agree with Shipka that computer technologies play a large role in how we compose and communicate, but I also think that the role of multimodality needs to include other forms of composition other than digital. Furthermore, I think it is important to remember that multimodality is not a new way of communicating and learning, rather it has been included in education before digital technologies were as prevalent as they are today.

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