Bridging the Gap

After reading the first few pages of Jody Shipka’s Toward a Composition Made Whole, I already felt like there were a handful of things I wanted to write about. In the introduction Shipka discusses the role that multimodal teaching and learning plays in our everyday lives. I am taking a Writing & Digital Media class this semester and we are also discussing the potential multimodal education has. I have only been enrolled in this class for a week, and have only read the first few pages of Toward a Composition Made Whole, but I am already starting to realize just how hesitant I am to change my preconceived notions of what education is.

In the introduction Shipka also discusses efforts to bridge the gap between students’ curricular and extracurricular literacy. I believe that branching out and pushing the boundaries of education will create more effective teaching and learning. However, in my classes that are using many different forms of education, I sometimes struggle keeping track of and fully utilizing all of the tools I have been given. I have become accustomed to having no more than two or three educational “tools” (such as my professor, textbook, and other miscellaneous readings) for each of my classes, so adding more modes of education to this is going to take some adjusting to. I think that, if I am able to adjust to this type of learning that is new to me, I will be able to better incorporate and intertwine my curricular and extracurricular life.

I have noticed that, although I did not automatically accept or instantaneously feel comfortable with increasing the types and amount of learning tools, I am already starting to combine and incorporate what I am learning in each of my classes (this is a start, right?). As I am reading Shipka’s text for Writing & Digital Media, I am making notes in my sketchbook for my Graphic Design class on what defines a composition, and about the significance of the process that goes into creating a composition. As I continue reading, I am hoping that Shipka will continue to provide insight on how to incorporate all of the education I am receiving and apply it in my academic and everyday life.

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