For Fatherland, and Freedom.

The Baltic States of Latvia, Estonia, and Lithuania were never too pleased to be part of the Soviet Union. These three satellite countries had been incorporated into the USSR against their will, through rigged elections set up by the USSR, through the capable hands of Vladimir Dekanozov, Andrey Vyshinsky, and Andrei Zhdanov, all of whom happened to share a strong distaste for America. Since the secret protocol formed between Russia and Germany in 1939, the Baltic States had been shuffled around by the greater nations of the area, very much to their own disadvantage. Because of their comparatively fertile lands, the USSR took hold of these nations to make up for it’s own lack of agriculture, and until recently claimed that these Baltic States assimilated their countries willingly into this union.

Life in these Baltic states was cruel to say the least. These nations had to live a puppets under Soviet control, leaving them with a wealth of disdain, and a serious lack of control of their own lives. Using Latvia as a specific example, the Russians not only occupied this country with their armed forces and secret police, but also managed to take over the Latvian government leaving the people of the nation with a thin guise of nationality, that was beyond useless. However, the Soviets did bring in some technologies that helped Latvia bloom into a “Flowering Soviet Nation”, and helped modernize these Baltic nations.

Eventually though, after many years of living chained to the Soviet culture, the Baltic States finally achieved their own freedom. As the USSR fell, the Latvians, Estonians, and Lithuanians shouted to the world that they deserved freedom, and their own sovereignty. The debates weren’t long, or hard fought, to many people’s surprise, but in reality, what could Russia do to make them stay? Their arm, and influence had slowly been broken, leaving the fates of many satellite states to themselves. The Baltic States gained their freedom to live as they pleased.



The Latvian Freedom Monument, pictured above, was originally unveiled in 1935 to honor the fallen brothers from their War for Independence in 1918. In the mid 40’s after the Russian’s had reclaimed Latvia, there was a good amount of talk wishing to tear down this monument. It was said to not run with the Communist Ideology, in that it represented the countries singular nationality, as opposed to the people of the nation, and their communist beliefs. Through some stroke of luck, the plans to demolish this monument, and replace it with a statue of Peter the Great, which had inhabited this location until the Latvians won their freedom, fell through, and the statue remained. As Latvia was granted it’s sovereignty once more, it’s said that the people celebrated at this monuments feet once more. Embracing the simple phrase that adorns the base, the people celebrated their own Fatherland, and their own Freedom.

5 thoughts on “For Fatherland, and Freedom.

  1. I really liked this post. I found it very interesting to learn that The Latvian Freedom Monument, was supposed to be torn down. The ultimate decision to keep it was for the best because if it represented the peoples definition of freedom and independence.

  2. I think that the hardships that Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia endured are fascinating. It’s unfortunate that it took so long for them to receive the recognition and freedom that they desired for so long. The monuments that were put up in celebration of their sovereignty and this one, that stood throughout the hardships, are the ultimate reminder of everything they fought for during this dificult time.

  3. I like how your title was the quote on the Lativan Freedom Monument. It brought your post together and ended on a very positive note!

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