About Me

I’m Brad Sutliff, a graduate student at Virginia Tech. Currently a macromolecular scientist and engineer, I have a B.S. in Nanoscale Science from SUNY at Albany and an M.S. in Bioengineering from Syracuse University. I’m a budding rheologist hoping to replace traditional plastics with more biofriendly alternatives.

I’m currently torn between the freedom of academia and the security of industry as a career plan. I love to hear thoughts from both sides of the aisle, and government labs are always good to consider too.

I’m a big fan of learning new skills and dabble in fermentation (beer, wine, sourdough, ginger beer and soda), cooking, mushroom hunting, and dog training. I foster cats, bike, hike, and make darn good lattes.

Throughout much of my educational career, I’ve felt a need for a good mentor but never really found one. As a result, I’m trying to mentor incoming students in the Virginia Tech Early Engineering Mentoring program.