Mobile Post 2: First Official Day Complete

The first official day of the trip is complete. Technically the trip started at 3pm Sunday with a briefing on University of Zurich, ETH Zurich, and University of Basel. This was followed by a trip to mountain top raclette and fondue. And that was basically the official program of the day. We did a little more though…

First things first, we discovered that most of Zurich is shutdown on Sunday, especially in the morning. None of the grocery stores were open and neither were most restaurants. After failing to get breakfast stuff at the local coop (pronounced co-op apparently), Deb and I dropped our stuff at Hotel St. Josef and went to find some others.

We succeeded in getting Akshay and Patrick for breakfast, and were then joined by Erin, Mike, and Sarah.

This was followed by a checking into the hotel with everyone and a hunt for chocolate. Our original chocolate shop was closed because it was Sunday, but fortunately there was a Bachmann/Lindt across the street. I forgot to take photos here because I was too busy drooling, but the back was just a waterfall of chocolate.

Next we wandered towards the lake and engaged in shenanigans, such as climbing artwork:

(I was too short but Mike managed to get on top)

Bothering the metallic wildlife:

And hoping on a boat:

They had a ton of little shoreline parks which was super cool.

And it was nice to see the town without wandering too much.Then we went back to the hotel and briefed each other on University of Zurich, ETH Zurich, and University of Basel.

These are our first three universities and are the first two are basically the MIT and Harvard of Europe. The are both super well ranked works wide (not that rankings really mean much).

Then after that we went to dinner and I had fondue,


And flan

for the first time in my life. It was awesome and I need more…Then we went home and most people went to bed.

For of us went to a local pub to chit chat though, and boy was that fun. There were a bunch of Finnish people watching the world championships of home between Finland and Canada and I believe Finland won. As you can imagine shit got crazy. They started throwing glasses into the air to shatter on the cobblestone and shouting and what have you. This prompted the pub owner to come out. He got appropriately angry and tried to kick them out of the street but that was a struggle and we thought he was about to kill one guy. We quickly finished our drinks and left. Then it was bed time.

Please let me know if you have questions.

The next post will likely be about University of Zurich and ETH (as a spoiler alert).

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