Mobile Post: Wandering in the Rain with new friends

So here goes for my first mobile post, so sorry for the typos.

Today Deb and I joined up with Diana, Dan, and Mike for breakfast. It was expensive, but damn I love European coffee.

As we were walking out we ran into Ky, Sara, and Erin (I’ll url link these people eventually…) walking too their hostel. Then we wandered around the city getting lost for a bit. Stopped for some beers at a restaurant!

And then Dean DePauw walks up and joins us (for a cappuccino). After we got to know each other a little we got some Swiss chocolate and wandered to the lake.

Now we are waiting for dinner and such! So far a tremendous say!

Observations of the day:

  • Zurich has good beer

  • Zurich has an absurd number of swans

  • Swiss chocolate is wonderful

  • I love being surrounded by mountains

  • The Swiss are friendlier than the Russians

  • Zurich has great public transportation

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