Peredvizhniki: Alexey Savrasov

In this work of art, Savrasov illustrates the divide between the peasantry and upper class. The Kremlin, an iconic image of russian aristocracy, is painted in the background as a peasant walks next to a tent like shelter in the foreground.  An empty bridge between the two class representations, shows the lack of significant meaningful connection. The storm is Savrasov’s prediction that there will be extreme conflict if this way of life is sustained.
Sarasov View of the Kremlin

thank you to abcgallery for the image

One thought on “Peredvizhniki: Alexey Savrasov”

  1. I read that bridges typically symbolize the pathway to paradise, but it’s interesting that the peasant has her back to that paradise or upperclass and is walking away. The dark storm rolling in from the right could signify dark or stormy days ahead.

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