NPR Sunday–Sherry Turkle rethinking…

In my head I said to myself, before starting the readings for today, “I will be positive about technology, I will be positive about technology.”  And while reading for today, I was excited about notions of hypertext and the access to information I have and how it makes my job easier, my work more informed by international work because of that access, etc.  Then I listened to the NPR program, “TED Radio Hour.” (  I didn’t mean to, it was on NPR as I drove from Mississippi for 11 hours (how’s that for technology) back home.  And there was Sherry Turkle’s voice, rethinking her original stance about technology, all because of a robot seal.

Here’s another:

In any case,  hypertext is cool and Nelson’s explanation of structures make data organization make sense generally–particularly in the ways that paper or books are “never perfectly suited to the reader.”  I like the notion of resisting linearity generally.