So who’s protesting?

I find the idea of protesting the quarantine absolutely fascinating. Even a pandemic can’t unite America! But it is bringing some people together. I started to question who was protesting, my first assumption is always the deplorables. I watch NBC news because I feel like it’s the most honest news, but I also know it’s the most liberal. Most assuredly the most anti-trump but they do a good job of vetting their sources and not blowing a bunch of nonsense out of proportion like some of the other networks. However, I kind of get the feeling from watching that Trump is leading some sort of underground revolt against himself. So I started looking into who was protesting.

Living in Southwest Virginia, I’ve become more familiar with the “Libertarian” party. Many people have begun associating these people with white-supremacy but that’s really not fair. A libertarian is more interested in being left-the-hell-alone. They’re interested in civil liberties, less government control, and limiting the scope and scale of the government. So you can imagine as the government takes a huge step over the rights we never thought we’d have taken away as the right to just leave our home, go to work, make a living, feed our families, get a hair cut the libertarian in all of us might just be questioning what is going on.

I’ll admit it’s a little unnerving to go out and see no one on the roads. The idea that every restaurant worker in America that lives on tips for their wages isn’t going to have a job for the foreseeable future is unnerving! Social distancing sounds easy on TV but making an economy work, under those circumstances, is unrealistic and I don’t think America really understands the scope of this disease.

People that are against the government overreach are out protesting the stay-at-home orders issued by local governments. They’re being joined by some other players that pray on social liberty protests like anti-vaccination protesters. In an interesting article by NPR they bring up how Anti-Vaxxers joined in the protests in Sacramento in order to forward their own message as well as gain numbers by joining the people protesting the stay-at-home orders. Apparently, they go so far as to tell anti-abortionists that vaccines carry cells from aborted fetuses to get them to come to their side, which is something I don’t think I have time to even get into. That just blows my mind how incorrect and abhorrently ridiculous that is.

It turns out that the majority of Americans don’t think the restrictions go too far. The Associated Press did a poll and found that only 12% think they do. I’m afraid the problem isn’t that they go too far, but that they’re just not sustainable for the amount of time we’ll need for there to be a lack of threat so that we can get a vaccine or treatment. The other aspect of this is that while everyone is staying home, that’s great, and reduces the exposure, but what about the breeches. So as someone who knows way more about biosecurity than anyone would ever really want to, I know that half of what we’re doing is completely pointless. I really loved how there was a week or so when the Today Show was instructing people on how to sanitize their groceries. Come on people! Half of you use a Chlorox Wipe and then dry it off with a paper towel! You’re washing your hands and then drying it with a reusable towel and then opening the bathroom door with your bare hand! You’ve negated everything as soon as you’ve touched something dirty. Ok, I got a little rant-y and rambl-y there.

Anyway, those that are protesting are probably putting their heart in the right place but they’re probably not fully educated on the repercussions of not social distancing. We do need to keep the government open but we also need to distance. Reducing crowd size, increasing frequency of disinfecting, testing, and tracing would be great but unlikely to help. Keeping resources for laboratories and manufacturers to create, test, and manufacture drugs, vaccines, PPEs, and treatments need to be a number 1 priority. Not your next hair cut, sorry Mom.

2 thoughts on “So who’s protesting?

  • May 13, 2020 at 1:00 pm

    Like you, I’m sometimes amused (though most of the time annoyed) by those protesting. Especially when you see them on TV with their signs to reopen the US and that Covid is a conspiracy while they too are sometimes wearing masks. (palm to face, sigh) I get everyone has a breaking point and I’m guessing this is just their way of expressing that even if it is extremely selfish. Unfortunately the longer people disregard social distancing and safe mask practices the longer this will continue throughout the summer and into fall I think whereas if EVERYONE had just did their part back in March, we’d probably have been in a much better situation by now (sigh). I’m glad to hear though that the polls show that the majority of Americans aren’t crazy and think we’re not doing enough even though sometimes it feels the opposite on the news.

  • May 14, 2020 at 11:08 am

    I so agree with your comments. This is a clear example where some people confuse stupidity with freedom. Everyone in the planet, not just in the US, knows that we are in the middle of a pandemic for which there is no treatment, no cure and not a lot of knowing how to. I cannot understand how some people spend their free time protesting local government’s decisions not to reopen when the number of cases continue to increase, and people continue to die. All it is asked of them is to follow some basic CDC guidelines to mitigate the spread of the disease.
    I do not think is lack of unity, I believe it is plain selfishness. If I am not sick then it is an hoax. Protestors are these individuals that do not hold essential positions and likely have not had a family member get sick. They claim is about their loss of income and financial hardship. Yet, they are able to carry weapons that could feed them for a a few weeks. People (minorities) that are most adversely and disproportionally affected by COVID19 cannot stay home or spend their time protesting, avoiding getting infected, sick and even dying so these idiots can waste their time and risk our health to prove they do not have to follow any guidelines. Their time will come. This virus knows no color, no freedom, no boredom. It closes on you just like it is closing on the geniuses in the White House. Financial suffering is augmented by these protesters that exert additional stress the system with their inconsiderate actions. We are all suffering financially unless we are independently wealthy. Thus. I find that argument most irrelevant at the moment.
    Third World countries have a better understanding of what a pandemic is. They are dying because of lack of resources such as vaccines, testing, etc. Yet, you do not see them protesting their health official infectious guidelines.


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