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Using Ubuntu

Hello everybody!

We learnt in class today that we would be using Ubuntu for the rest of the semester. I’m actually pretty excited to be honest. Ever since I can remember, I’ve personally used Windows. I’m proficient in Windows but I can’t imagine using any other operating system which is why I think this will be a great learning experience.

There are still a few issues that I’m trying  to find more information about before I finally go through and install Ubuntu. The basic question that I’m trying to resolve right now is where I should partition my hard drive and make a separate drive for Ubuntu or just install VirtualBox and try to run Ubuntu within Windows. While the partition install might be more stable and recommended, I want to be able to switch back between Windows and Ubuntu almost instantaneously as I do most of my work on Windows.

Weighing out the pros and cons though, I think I’m going to go with a partition install. I would rather have a stable operating system even if it means a longer boot time and switch time to Windows. I finally installed Ubuntu and I’m actually impressed. It’s a lot smaller, faster and user friendly.  One of the features that has stood out immediately is the increased functionality of the keyboard. I really like the fact that Ubuntu integrates some of traditional features of Windows such as dragging a window on either side of the screen to split-screen it along with the more primitive Unix operating systems which are primarily dependant on terminal commands. I’m hoping to become a lot more familiar with the environment by the end of the semester.

Until next time!

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