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One of the most interesting and useful aspects of an UNIX based operating system such as Ubuntu so far has been the version control feature. In Windows, unless you are using a third party application that automatically updates an online copy of a file when you make changes to the local copy, you have to manually update the online version everytime which can be very tedious and a huge hassle. Unix-based operating systems solve this problem by using online repositories to store your work as you make changes to your file directly from the terminal by using version controls such as GIT and BAZAAR.

I was first introduced to version control during my internship this past summer at Qualcomm. I was working with a lot of assembly files that had to be constantly changed and updated and I used GNU’s BAZAAR as version control. I could simply type up:

bzr update

and all my changes would be saved instead of manually uploading the updated file and replacing the older file with it. For this class, we are going to be using GIT. I just set up a repository for this class at and I’m looking forward to using a  different version control from the one I’ve previously used. GIT seems pretty simple and user friendly so far but it’s too early to make a conclusive decision at this point.

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