Second VTLUUG Meeting

Hey everybody!

I recently attended my second VTLUUG meeting. This meeting was actually very interesting and relevant to what we’ve been doing in class as we talked about the different LINUX distributions that have been released such as Fedora, Arch Linux¬† and Linux Mint and the advantages and disadvantages of some of these distributions over others. After using Ubuntu for one semester, I feel I’m fairly comfortable with the UI and might consider the possibility of migrating to a more developer/programmer friendly LINUX distribution such as Arch Linux which is targeted for more experienced LINUX users as I think it might possibly prove to be useful for the Applied Software Design class I’m scheduled to take next semester.

Going back to the topic of the VT LUUG meeting, this meeting was very participative with multiple people from the audience providing their input on the various distributions unlike the last meeting where the President and Vice-President seemed to be doing all the talking. After talking about the various LINUX distributions, we essentially talked about upcoming and noteworthy news in the UNIX/LINUX world. Another repeating observation that I made at this meeting was that a lot of the material that was discussed in the meeting was beyond the scope of our ECE 2524: Intro to Unix class and it might be better if VTLUUG was divided up into smaller groups based on the proficiency of the users and their past experience. In conclusion, the VTLUUG meetings were very informative and thorough with upcoming news and events in the LINUX/UNIX world but almost every member has a vast amount of experience and seems proficient with the environment so it is difficult to follow along sometimes.

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