Python Scripting

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We were introduced to Python this week. If I had to recommend a programming language that all programmers should know in addition to a high level language such as C++/Java, it would be either Python or Perl because of the importance of scripting in the programming world today. I worked for Cadence Design Systems two summers ago and I actually gained some experience working with TCL which is a primitive scripting language so I think it’s comparatively easier for me to understand the advantages of a much more advanced and higher-level scripting language.

During my internship at Qualcomm this past summer, I encountered a problem that would have been easily resolved with a scripting language such as Python. Without getting into too much technical detail, I was working on a lot of low-level C and assembly files for the major portion of my internship. With regard to the assembly files, I was working on an ISA that specifically provided details on each assembly instruction of a particular processor and I was adding additional information to the assembly file instruction by instruction looking at specific bits of each instruction. Python would have been a great tool to use in retrospect because I could have automated the process to a large extent.

I’m definitely looking forward to learning more about Python and becoming somewhat proficient at the end of the class.

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