Introduction to Unix

Hello everybody!

It’s the beginning of the fall 2012 semester and I’m actually pretty excited about this class. When I started here at Virginia Tech two years ago, I had no idea what Unix or Linux was or that other operating systems apart from Windows and Mac OSX existed.  During my time here at Virginia Tech, however, I’ve heard a lot of good things about Unix and its advantages from a programmer’s perspective so I’m really looking forward to learning more about this class and understanding the true essence of Unix/Linux and its utility.

I was able to get some experience working with Unix over this past summer while I interned with Qualcomm. My internship was primarily a computer architecture based internship but all the necessary programming had to be done in an Unix environment. After the learning curve, I became pretty familiar with the basic commands such as grep,  ls and cd. One of the biggest things I learnt about the Unix operating systems during my internship at Qualcomm, however, was version control. We used BZR but I’ll talk more about that in a later blog post. I’m excited for the journey ahead.

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