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We had our final homework assignment due today which was probably the most fun and involved assignment we had so far. I really enjoyed some of the technical homework assignments we’ve had this semester, especially the ones that involved Python scripting but the open to interpretation nature of this particular assignment made it challenging and fun at the same time. We were asked to design any sort of assignment that may be used for the class next semester. I decided to create an assignment that would give the user a good understanding of pipes and filters which forms the basis of more complex scripting skills.

One of the best aspects of this assignment was the level of freedom we had to implement the assignment. We could make the assignment as complex or simple as we liked, as technically challenging as we liked and providing the solution was optional. While my assignment is posted to GitHub, the essence was familiarizing the user with reading in lines of data, manipulating it in a certain way and then outputting the lines of data to the standard display after modification. In doing these manipulations and modifications, the user was in fact creating somewhat of a mini-language that could be used to write a short action file.

I really enjoyed doing this assignment and I would encourage the classes that follow to have a few more homework assignments that allow for this sort of freedom, especially since I believe students work hardest when they have the freedom to choose what they want to work on.  Overall, a great assignment and I would recommend putting in a couple of more similar assignments in the curriculum of the semesters to follow.

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