Alaska Sketch

16/6/15-6/7/15 Valdez Gravel Bar, near West Peak

26/8/15 Valdez Glacier

36/12/15 Mount Cashman 

46/13/15 On the other side of Mount Cashman. My team received the 1st re-ration by Mike Meekin, perhaps one of the best most skilled Alaskan pilots ever.

56/15/15 Camp, north of Madean Peak, unknown specific location.  I remember that night the wind was extremely strong, we had to use our hands to hold the tent from inside when trying to sleep. 

66/18/15  East of Flat Top Peak, north of Tazlina Tower, unknown specific location. We camped there for 2 days. It was the first camp after we skied 9 miles across upper Tazlina glacier on the 16th. We did snow school on the right side of the mountain (in sketch).  

76/23/15 Mount Haley.

Our base camp located on upper Science Glacier north of mount Haley, East of Mount Fafnir, we stayed there for 2 or 3 days. My team successful summited Mount Fafnir (11000ft) in 8 hours. The other team summited Mount Haley in about same amount of time. The next day we did crevasse rescue (lower right corner of the sketch) near Mount Fafnir area.

86/30/15 Mystery Lake, west of Hunter Lake.

This is our last day of independent travel in team of six. We started a camp fire as soon as we recorded our camp location. we did not sleep in tent that night. Everyone was trying to enjoy the last second of the peaceful wilderness in Alaska.

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