Design Essay

Design is an expression of creativity, a way to make ideas alive and make it recognizable by other people. By making ideas alive truly means use ideas to make connections; to build bridges between intuition and knowledge, passion and curiosity, arbitrariness and consciousness. An outstanding design also needs the public to recognize it, to understand the meaning and effort that the designers put into it. It is important for a design to make communication with people, to make them see the connection between the design and its background theory.

Design is both a physically action and a process of idea discovering. Creating an outstanding design can be extremely exciting, however, at certain points during the process, designers can get really frustrated. When I was doing a three-dimension module project, I used different technics fold bristol paper to create multiple angles and geometry shapes to represent the original idea of elevation change among a mountain range in geography. One of the requirements is to emphasize point, line and plane, ordering system and how each single object interacts with each other in the module projects. I fold each single piece of bristol paper differently, so I had a difficult time to connect each piece together and create an ordering system. One night I spend a large amount of time on creating an ordering system. Around midnight I still didn’t make any progress at all. I felt so frustrated on the way home, and felt that the past few hours were totally wasted. This experience is no more different than lost in a corn maze. A person has so many choices to walk out of the maze. However, some paths are dead ends. I did not touch my module project the next day. I start doing other works and try to put that off my mind. When I was watching the Wisdom Film, Clint Eastwood said, “Take your profession seriously, but don’t take yourself seriously.” An idea just somehow jumped out of my mind. So, I stopped the film and start to work on my module again. Design process is like drawing a line, but constantly drawing circle backward, go back to pervious idea review it and revise it with some changes. Then use the idea of those changes to apply to the pervious step and modify it. Simply, it is a constantly back forward progress. During that progress, idea will show up sometimes, unexpectedly. Last summer, I was doing a gallery design in Chicago; I had a difficult time to modify the shape of the gallery that inside of the cliff. It was a challenge, but I enjoyed it a lot, especially when an idea jumps out of my mind from a simple experience such as sitting by lake Michigan looking out onto the water.

I considering the process of discovering ideas is the best part of making a design. It is indescribable when a designer’s ideas start communicating with each other and making ineradicable things. However, the more important thing is the passion and love that hide behind the produce. Interest, passion and love are the real energies that constantly support designers.

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