Thoughts on “Hillbilly Music”

“Hillbilly Music”, the second chapter of Robert Cantwell’s book “Bluegrass Breakdown”, details some of the influences from other music genres such as jazz and also the impact that the radio made on Bill Monroe’s bluegrass sound. Elements associated with jazz were implemented Monroe’s music and became a defining trait to not only his music, but as well as other aspiring groups that took influence from Bill Monroe. The radio helped Monroe and other bluegrass artists spread their music out to a wider audience because of its wide use at the time. It provided a source for listeners to enjoy genres they were already familiar with or even discover new sounds that may not have been as prevalent within their region/location.


Discussion Questions:

What are some other examples of music genres being influenced from another to the point where that influenced style/sound has become widely used within that genre?

What is your primary source for discovering new artists/bands/genres/sounds?

One thought on “Thoughts on “Hillbilly Music””

  1. Travis,

    In response to your question, “What is your primary source for discovering new artists/bands/genres/sounds?” my primary source is still the radio. I drive to campus and go home often on the weekends so my radio is always tuned to a local radio station whenever I am in the car. However, I think this may be becoming a thing of the past. Most young people I know discover new music using the internet. Or, as we talked about in our Appalachian Communities class last semester, people listen to radio stations that only broadcast one type of music so they are never exposed to different genres on that station. Even though a lot of young people may not listen to the radio as much anymore, I still think that it is an efficient source to spread local news, advertisements and music to large groups of people.

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