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Bluegrass with a Stance

So maybe this isn’t politics, per se, but in the absence of a long blog this week (time just got away from me) here is a fantastic song by Mandolin Orange addressing an issue that’s been in the news a lot lately:

A poignant story of a love deemed sinful , Hey Adam explores the drawn out pain of a closeted gay relationship and the hateful treatment such a relationship often brings about.


“Hey Adam, our secret’s safe, but I hope the world will learn…”


Me too, Mandolin Orange, me too…

Through biblical imagery and a piece of lyrical ambiguity, the song delivers a pretty important dual message to those who have been pushed out of their religious communities for their sexual orientation:


“Our Father loves you all ways”


which can also be heard as:


“Our Father loves you always”


Either way, a powerful message from a powerful group of musicians.

See you after the break.