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Coming Soon!

San Diego Bluegrass:

The Annotated Mix-Tape


Soon, Soon…

As the semester draws to a close, so too must this blog…

But my adventures in Bluegrass are just beginning! No longer will this space serve as a catalog of my thoughts and experiences in the first ever “Bluegrass: Appalachian Roots and Influences” class to run at Virginia Tech, but, perhaps, it doesn’t have to go away entirely. Exciting opportunities await in the musical scene of my home, including festivals,  lots of Contra Dancing, and learning to play the Mandolin. Not to mention the rumors going around about a new folk and bluegrass music club bringing local (and otherwise) talent to campus in the coming years!

But I digress…

The true purpose of this post is to announce the fruit of my labors: the much awaited “Annotated Mix-Tape” that I’ve been researching off and on for two months.

It’s coming. Soon.

Each day leading up to May 6th (when this whole thing has to be done by) I’m going to post a single audio track along with a detailed analysis of  said track and it’s connection to my topic of Bluegrass Music in San Diego County. All together, it is my hope to create new knowledge about Bluegrass and what it means to have a musical “scene” by putting together research in a new, exciting way!

But before I begin posting the tracks, I actually have to use this blog in a presentation on my research. So though it will totally kill the anticipation and suspense, what follows (in my next post) is a complete track listing and a bit about what will later be discussed in longer, more detailed, blog posts.